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Monday June 19 Session 3

Optimization Techniques for CEM
Chairman: Prof. J. Bandler

13:45 14:00

An Automated Space Mapping Framework
Qingsha S. Cheng and John W. Bandler

14:00 14:15

Knowledge Based Neuromodeling Using Compound Space Mapping
Murat Simsek and N. Serap Sengor

14:15 14:30

Cooperative Particle Swarm Optimization of Planar Microwave Filters
Alireza Mahanfar, Stephane Bila, Michel Aubourg and Serge Verdeyme

14:30 14:45

Time Domain Sensitivity Analysis of Lossy Dielectric Structures
Ying Li, Yan Li, Natalia K. Nikolova, and Mohamed H. Bakr

14:45 15:00

Neural Network Approaches to Microwave Modeling
Qi-Jun Zhang, Lei Zhang, Yi Cao, Humayun Kabir and Kui Bo

15:00 15:15

Efficient One-dimensional FDTD Modelling of Waveguide Structures
Shuiping Luo and Zhizhang (David) Chen



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