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Session 5
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Tuesday June 20 Session 5

TLM Modelling and Analysis
Chairman: Prof. P. Russer

10:45 11:00

Full-Wave Based Transmission-Line Model for Lossy-Substrate Multiconductor Interconnects
Behzad Kordi, Greg E. Bridges, Joe LoVetri and John E. Nordstrom

11:00 11:15

Numerical Modeling of Transient Radiated Interferences by the Hybrid TLM-TDMOM Method
Rachid Khlifi and Peter Russer

11:15 11:30

Complex Envelop Application in Transmission-Line Matrix - John's Super Node Method and
Time Steps Estimate in Electromagnetic Simulation
C.A. Tenorio de Carvalho Jr., N. Carvalho Pinheiro and L.R.A.X. de Menezes

11:30 11:45

Time-Domain Simulation of Multiconductor Transmission-Lines
John Paul, Christos Christopoulos and David W.P. Thomas

11:45 12:00

3D-TLM Modeling of Oriented Thin-Wires
Besma Larbi, Jean-Lou Dubard, Christian Pichot

12:00 12:15

Uncertainty Propagation in Transmission Line Modeling (TLM) Method
Geovany A. Borges and Leonardo R.A.X. de Menezes



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