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FACE 2006


Frontiers in Applied Computational Electromagnetics


FACE 2006

June 19 – 20, 2006, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada.
Co-sponsored by IEEE AP and MTT Societies

FACE 2006 Brochure

Workshop Co-Chairs

Prof. P.P.M. So, University of Victoria, CANADA
Prof. J. Bornemann, University of Victoria, CANADA

Workshop Secretary

Ms. D. Shannon, University of Victoria, CANADA

International Steering Committee

Prof. J. W. Bandler, McMaster University, CANADA
Prof. P. Russer, Tech.University of Munich, GERMANY
Prof. R. Sorrentino, University of Perugia, ITALY
Prof. R. Vahldieck, ETH Zurich, SWITZERLAND
Prof. C. Christopoulos, University of Nottingham, U.K.
Prof. T. Itoh, U.C.L.A., U.S.A.

Technical Advisory Committee

Mr.   D. Gorcea, Flextronics, CANADA
Prof. M. Okoniewski, University of Calgary, CANADA
Prof. N. Nikolova, McMaster University, CANADA
Prof. K. Wu, Ecole P. Montreal, CANADA
Prof. C. Trueman, Concordia University, CANADA
Prof. Q.J. Zhang, Carleton University, CANADA
Prof. M. Ney,
Prof. T. Weiland, Tech. Uni. of Darmstadt, GERMANY
Prof. M. Mongiardo, University of Perugia, ITALY
Prof. L. Roselli, University of Perugia, ITALY
Prof. C.H. Chan, CityU, Hong Kong, CHINA
Prof. K.W. Leung, CityU, Hong Kong, CHINA
Prof. K.M. Luk, CityU, Hong Kong, CHINA

Prof. T. Şengör, Yildiz Technical University, TURKEY

Prof. C. Balanis, Arizona State University, U.S.A.
Prof. K.C. Gupta, Hindu University of America, U.S.A.
Prof. M.M. Tentzeris, Georgia Tech, U.S.A.
Prof. A. Weisshaar, Oregon State University, U.S.A.
Mr.   D. Swanson, Tyco, U.S.A.
Prof. J. Volakis, Ohio State University. U.S.A.
Prof. R. Ziolkowski, University of Arizona, U.S.A.

Technical Program Committee

Prof. L. De Menezes, U. of Brasilia, BRAZIL
Prof. M. Bakr, McMaster University, CANADA
Prof. Z. Chen, Dalhousie University, CANADA
Prof. E. Fear, University of Calgary, CANADA

Prof. J. Nielsen, University of Calgary, CANADA
Prof. M. Potter, University of Calgary, CANADA
Dr.  J. Uher, EMS, CANADA
Dr.  S. Kosmopoulos, Space Engineering, ITALY
Prof. M. Fujii, University of Toyama, JAPAN
Prof. I.S. Kim, Kyung-hee University, S.KOREA
Mr.   D. Henke, Chalmers University, SWEDEN
Prof. J. LoVetri, University of Manitoba, CANADA
Dr.  L. Cascio, Agilent Technologies, U.S.A.
Dr.  E. Channabasapppa, Tyco, U.S.A.
Dr.  M. Righi, Agilent Technologies, U.S.A.
Dr.  G. Tardioli, Agilent Technologies, U.S.A.
Dr.  Q. Zhang, TriQuint, U.S.A.

Scope of the Conference

The Computational Electromagnetics Research Laboratory at the University of Victoria is pleased to host, and invites you to attend a special workshop on research in applied computational electromagnetics, FACE 2006. The main objectives of this workshop are (1) to bring together the researchers and practitioners from around the globe to exchange new ideas and application experiences in applied electromagnetic modeling, (2) to stimulate the development of algorithms and their applications to realistic and challenging problems, and (3) to explore the feasibility of building an open source computational electromagnetics system. The workshop will consist of invited special talks, contributed presentations and poster sessions. English will be the working language and selected papers are planned to be published in a Special issue of the International Journal of Numerical Modeling.

Main Topics

Theories and Techniques of Computational Algorithms

  • Time Domain Methods
  • Frequency Domain Methods
  • Analytical and Semi-Analytical Approaches
  • Space Mapping and Neural Networks
  • Hybrid Methods


  • Absorbing Boundaries
  • EMC / EMI
  • Nonlinear- and Meta-Material Modeling
  • Circuit Design and Optimization
  • Photonic Structure Modeling
  • MEMS Modeling and Design
  • Ultra-Wide and Multi-Band Structure
  • Biomedical Applications
  • Electromagnetic Education

Important Dates

  • Paper Submission : March 17, 2006
  • Acceptance Notification : April 5, 2006
  • Registration Deadline : May 31, 2006



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