Group Member Awards

September 1994

Mario Righi and Poman So

Mario Righi and Poman So were both awarded `Quality Presentation Recognition' certificates for their excellent presentations at the 1994 IEEE MTT-S International Symposium, held in San Diego, California, May 23-27. The presented the following papers: `Efficient 3D-SCN-TLM Diakoptics for Waveguide Components', by M. Righi and W.J.R. Hoefer, and `Efficient Field Based CAD of Microwave Circuits on Massively Parallel Processor Computers Using TLM and Prony's Methods', by C. Eswarappa, P.P.M. So, and W.J.R. Hoefer. Their names have been placed on the 1994 IMS Technical Program Chairman's Honor Roll, and included in the listing as part of an article in the Special IMS MTT-S Transactions, December 1994 issue.

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