Message from the Chairholder


This annual report covers the fourth year of the Chair's research activities, from April 1, 1994 to March 30, 1995. Again this year, the size of the research group has remained steady at eight permanent members; one Visiting Professor, Professor Tullio Rozzi, has joined the team for about one month.

While the principal research objectives remained focused on electromagnetic field modeling and simulation with emphasis on applications to information technology, the effort in time domain modeling of moisture content of wood has substantially increased. The early success of our TLM wood model has encouraged us to seek, with considerable success, both industrial and government support for further research in this area. Another new application of our modeling technique, of interest to a Victoria company, is the simulation of soil moisture probes that function by measuring the velocity of an electromagnetic wave traveling through the soil. The modeling and visualization of the probe fields have provided new insight into the functioning of such probes and their design.

Technology transfer to industry has thus been intensified this year. At the same time, a number of theoretical improvements to field modeling have been contributed, all of which are described in this report.

One of the highlights of the past year has been the "First International Workshop on Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) Modeling, Theory and Applications" which was held on August 1 to 3, 1995 at the University of Victoria, and which was financially supported by NSERC, ASI, the French and German governments, and the University of Victoria. Over 50 international participants, among them 14 invited speakers, exchanged latest information on, and expertise in TLM modeling. A summary of the Workshop program and its major conclusions are also attached to this report.

Last, but not least, the first two Ph.Ds from the Chair's research group graduated this year: Drs. Mario Righi and Qi Zhang have convincingly defended their excellent theses. I consider their past and future contributions to be among the most substantial benefits of the Chair to society.

Wolfgang J.R. Hoefer
Victoria, May 1996

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