RF drying of softwood lumber in collaboration with the Faculty of Wood Science in UBC

Mario Righi, Jonathan Herring, Wolfgang J. R. Hoefer and UBC team

In the course of this research project a time domain model for the RF drying of wood in a vacuum kiln has been developed. The model includes the following physical phenomena involved in the drying of wood:

o Electromagnetic field distribution in the wood and the surrounding kiln,
o Energy deposition which increases the mobility of moisture in the lumber,
o Heat transfer and
o Mass transfer which, in turn, changes the dielectric properties of the wood.

The project aims at coupling all these phenomena in a self-consistent numerical model in space and time. Validation of the simulated results will be performed using the experimental RF/Vacuum Kiln available at UBC. In order to cast the numerical models into a form directly amenable to experimental verification, the algorithms were implemented for a geometry resembling that of the UBC experimental kiln.

For a gzipped postcript file (41K) click here

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