Day One

Session A1 - TLM Theory I (Chaired by W.J.R. Hoefer and R. Vahldieck)

08:20Welcome and Opening Remarks
08:35On the Field Theoretical Foundation of the Transmission Line Matrix MethodP. Russer (Invited)3
09:20A Framework to Construct Symmetrical Condensed Node TLM Methods using Generalized Inverses of MatricesJ. LoVetri and N.R.S. Simons (Invited)13
10:05Refreshment break
10:20A Unified Approach to the Derivation of TLM Node ParametersV. Trenkic, C. Christopoulos and T.M. Benson23
10:40Dispersion Characteristics of Two- and Three-Dimensional TLM SchemesM. Krumpholz (Invited)27
11:25Det(I - TPS) = 0 - A Package for Visualizing TLM Dispersion RelationsV. Trenkic, C. Christopoulos and T.M. Benson37
11:45On the Suppression of Spurious Modes in Stub-Loaded 3D-SymmetricalS. Lindenmeier, B. Isele, R. Weigel and P. Russer41

Session A2 - TLM Theory II (Chaired by C. Christopoulos and D. Johns)

13:15Derivation of Two-Dimensional TLM Algorithms on Arbitrary Grids Using Finite Element ConceptsN.R.S. Simons and J. LoVetri (Invited)47
14:00Comparing between the TLM and the FD-TD MethodsS. El-Khoury and A.E. Ros55
14:20Real Time Interface between TLM and FD-TD Modules and ApplicationsC. Eswarappa and W.J.R. Hoefer59
14:40Refreshment break
14:55Modelling of Absorbing Boundary Conditions with TLMZ. Chen (Invited)63
15:40Super-Absorption Boundary Condition in 3-D TLM simulationN. Kukutsu and R. Konno73
16:00Efficient Computation Algorithms for TLMV. Trenkic, C. Christopoulos and T. M. Benson77
16:20Dispersive Boundaries and Media in TLMM. Ney (Invited)81
17:05General discussion

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