Day Two

Session B1 - TLM Theory III (Chaired by P. Russer and M. Krumpholz)

08:00Modeling Anisotropic Dispersive Materials in TLML. de Menezes and W.J.R. Hoefer91
08:20Modeling of Frequency Dependent Material Parameters Using TLMI.M. Salama, W. Su and S.M. Riad95
08:40Interface of Nonlinear Device Models to a TLM MeshJ. Nielsen (Invited)99
09:25Exploring the Capabilities of the TLM Method on Microstrip Structures Suitable for Device IntegrationP.M. Frank, N.R.S. Simons, D.J. Roscoe, A. Sebak and M. Cuhaci113
09:45Refreshment break
10:00TLM models of thermal and particle diffusionD. de Cogan (Invited)119
10:45TLM Modeling of Grain-Boundary Diffusion in Thin Films with Microstructural DetailsX. Gui, L.J. Friedrich, K. Dew, M.J. Brett and T. Smy129
11:05Link-Line Versus Link Resistor Representations in TLM Diffusion ModelsA. Chakrabarti, C. Kenny, D. de Cogan and P. Enders133
11:25TLM Routines for the Paraxial Wave Equation and the Time-Dependent Schroedinger EquationP. Enders and D. de Cogan137

Session B2 - TLM Applications I (Chaired by P. Saguet and J. LoVetri)

13:15TLM and Characterization of Microstrip Antennas: Feasibilities and DifficultiesD. Pompei, J.L. Dubard and L. Cirio (Invited)143
14:00Analysis and Design of Phased Array Antenna Systems Using the TLM MethodF.J. German (Invited)155
14:45Radar Cross-section of Metallic and Dielectric Cubes Computed with the TLM MethodC. Eswarappa and W.J.R. Hoefer165
15:05Refreshment break
15:20Microstripes - Microwave Design Tool Based on 3D-TLMD.P. Johns, R. Scaramuzza and A.J. Wlodarczyk (Invited)169
16:05Accuracy of the Electromagnetic Wave Simulator Comparison of Simulated TLM Results with MeasurementsH. Schmiedel179
16:25Recent Advances in Transmission Line Matrix Method Electromagnetic Wave Modelling and VisualizationP.P.M. So and W.J.R. Hoefer183
16:45TLM for Vision SystemsR. Harvey and C. Kenny187
17:05Computer demonstations

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