Day Three

Session C1 - TLM Applications II (Chaired by M. Ney and Z. Chen)

08:00Modelling of Problems in Electromagnetic Compatibility Using TLMC. Christopoulos (Invited)193
08:45Computation of 3D Shielding Enclosures with TLMC. Fuchs, G. Kopp and A.J. Schwab201
09:05Frequency-Domain TLM Modelling of Waveguide DiscontinuitiesR. Vahldieck, H. Jing and J. Huang (Invited)205
09:50Refreshment break
10:05Frequency Domain TLM Analysis of Periodic Waveguide StructuresJ. Huang and R. Vahldieck215
10:25Modelling of Waveguides, Discontinuities and Junctions with TLMP. Saguet (Invited)219
11:10Modal Johns Matrices for Waveguide ComponentsM. Righi and W.J.R. Hoefer233
11:30Accurate Modelling of Zero Thickness Septa with the Symmetrical Condensed NodeJ.L. Herring and W.J.R. Hoefer237

Session C2 - TLM Applications III (Chaired by J. Nielsen and D. Pompei)

13:15Analysis of 3-D Planar Structures by TLM Cuboid Condensed NodeQ. Zhang and W.J.R. Hoefer243
13:35Excitation of TLM 3DSCN Network by Structure Functions obtained from SFDMU. Mueller and A. Beyer249
13:55Field Modelling of a RF/Vacuum Wood Drying Kiln with TLMJ.L. Herring and W.J.R. Hoefer253
14:15TLM Simulation of Biquad Units for DSPK.O. Chichlowski, A. Bosson and G. Turner257
14:25Synthesis Procedure via TLM Time Reverse ProcessL. Cascio, G. Tardioli and W.J.R. Hoefer263
14:55Refreshment break

Session C3 - Computational Aspects (Chaired by F. German and N. Simons)

15:05A Method of Superposition for the Precise Placement of Arbitrary or Moving Boundaries within a TLM MeshR. Jaycocks and S. C. Pomeroy269
15:25Structure Description Language for TLM Simulation in 2D and 3DA.R. Kozlu, U. Mueller and A. Beyer273
15:45An Application Specific Processor for TLMD. Stothard, S.C. Pomeroy and I.P.W. Sillitoe277
16:05Panel Discussion

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